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About Our Door Finish & Installation

JD’s Glasswork’s Door Finish Process is the result of lengthy research to not only find the highest quality product coating but to also develop the skills and process to apply it in a consistently high quality manner.

Each door goes through several process steps each with its own quality inspection before the next step is taken. 

1. Inspection and fine detail sanding followed by thorough cleaning
2. Stain application to achieve desired coloration.  UV inhibited stains are used to resist color fading over time.
3. Multiple coats of sealer are applied with light sanding in between coats to achieve as smooth a base as possible before applying the topcoats.
4. At Least three successive topcoat applications of UV inhibited aliphatic urethane are applied to achieve the desired depth of protection and sheen.  Aliphatic Urethane is an extremely durable commercial wood finishing product that exhibits excellent wear characteristics when exposed to the elements.

For door retrofit applications, whenever feasible JD’s will make an exact prehang ‘template’ of the existing doorframe opening.  The door is then milled to these specifications prior to entering the finish process.  Double doors, among some others are finished first and precision fit on site.  All cuts performed on site are stained and sealed prior to installation.

Our completed precision on site installations or factory pre-hanging by our highly skilled craftsmen will exhibit uniform reveals along with a weathertight fit against the weatherstrip.  Door latching and swing will be effortless and smooth. (Our heavy-duty ballbearing hinges are a recommended purchase option .

Your purchase of JD’s Glassworks’ Finish and Installation protects your investment in a decorative art glass entryway, giving you peace of mind for years to come.